Adairs Downtime Silk Summer Quilt King - White By Adairs

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Downtime Silk Summer Quilt King - White By Adairs

Downtime Silk Summer Quilt King - White By Adairs

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Product Description

Quilt: All items sold separately

Queen: 210cm x 210cm
King: 245cm x 210cm 
Super King: 270cm 240cm

A luxurious lightweight quilt that is supersoft, naturally hypoallergenic and airy, providing comfort with ease. The silk layering fill can regulate body heat when cold and release excess heat through its breathable layers when feeling hot. 250GSM

Benefits of Silk Bedding

100% Natural and Hypo-allergenic

Silk contains a naturally occurring protein called sericin and 18 other amino acids that are similar to those in human skin, which makes silk mold and mildew resistant. For people who suffer from allergies, silk-filled bedding products have a very low tendency of provoking an allergic reaction. 

Hugging effect 

The hugging effect is silk’s natural ability to drape and wrap around human body. The hugging effect eliminates any cold spots so you will get warm faster and stay warm. 

Temperature regulation

The layering system of the silk floss filling can regulate temperature by retaining body heat when cold and releasing excess heat through its breathable layers when hot to prevent you from feeling too cold or too hot. More layers of silk can keep you warmer. Less layers of silk can keep you cooler, whilst still helping your body temperature to regulate.


Silk fibers are extraordinarily strong and resilient. A filament of silk is stronger than a fiber of steel of the same size. In addition, long silk filaments tend to adhere to one another, so the layers of silk filaments are strongly bonded, making it less likely to pull apart. Even after years of use, other than some yellowing of the silk fill due to oxidation, the softness and texture of silk fill inside the casing, stays the same. 


Silk floss filling is breathable due to its layering structure, and it absorbs and releases moisture, which no other filling can do. The silk-filled bedding will absorb the moisture and release it in the air so the body can dry up much faster.

Maintenance free

No washing or dry cleaning is required, mostly due to silk’s nature of being mildew and mould resistant, making silk quilts the lowest maintenance quilts on the market. 

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