Downtime Supreme Quilt - White By Adairs

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Supreme Quilt - White By Adairs

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Single Quilt: 140cm x 210 cm
Weight: 710g

Double Quilt: 180cm x 210 cm
Weight: 910g

Queen Quilt: 210cm x 210 cm
Weight: 1060g

King Quilt: 245cm x 210 cm
Weight: 1240g

Super King Quilt: 270cm x 240 cm
Weight: 1560g

GSM: 240

Filled with soft down clusters and feather, this quilt draws on the natural insulating properties of goose down to provide the perfect combination of warmth and lightweight comfort.  Lofty and soft, this quilt is perfect for all seasons.


- Natural
- 3-star warmth rating, suitable for cold sleepers
- A higher percentage of down will mean a warmer quilt
- Retains heat and insulates providing warmth with a light and lofty fill
- Goose down is a superior and warmer form of down than duck down
- Our feathers are ethically sourced and are a by-product

Is this quilt for me?

YES if you:

- Love a lightweight quilt
- Enjoy being cozy under a lofty blanket
- Prefer natural & ethically sourced materials


Licensee No. CU 834797

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