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DMK EFA Ultra Supplements

Danne Montague-King
DMK EFA Ultra Supplements

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Product Description

Working alongside Danné Montague-King and Research & Developer - Matthias, DMK wanted to create something really superior. In particular, they wanted to increase the Omega 3 fatty acids as well as provide age management support.
The addition of the two new ingredients came after a lengthy research process, as Danné sought out the most expensive and highest quality ingredients available. The goal was not only to increase the Omega 3 fatty acids but to address issues that are truly relevant in today’s society. We each come in contact with toxic materials everywhere we go, and inflammation is at the root of many diseases, digestive disorders, thyroid problems, acne, psrorias, rosacea, ageing, eczema as well as high cholesterol.
The human body has an innate intelligence, referred to as the “vital force”, and products derived from Mother Nature have a way of working with this. DMK's goal was to support the body’s cells, ensuring it can go through the whole series of steps that it was designed to. So this new formula goes far beyond increasing the Omega 3 content. This new formulation is designed to go one step further. The foundation was already set out for us with our EFA Plus, but to go one step further they decided to add coconut oil and mekabu seaweed extract with fucoidans to create EFA Ultra.

Omegas – rich in source of essential fatty acids which helps improve the function of the skin, hair and nails.
Sebuckthorn Oil - balances out hormones
Evening Primrose Oil – Increases hydration levels
Coconut Oil – THE WOW INGREDIENT help’s with strengthening your immune system, chronic fatigue, brain boosting, anti-inflammatory, increase good cholesterol, energy levels increase
Seaweed (fucoidan) – Provides anti-oxidants for the maintenance of good health, rich source of vitamins and minerals

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