Danne Montague-King DMK Transgenesis Creme

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DMK Transgenesis Creme

Danne Montague-King
DMK Transgenesis Creme

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Product Description

DMK Transgenesis is an Age Management crème that utilizes advanced ingredients to target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity and moisture retention. Specific marine sourced enzymes encourage cell turnover and renewal without irritation. Multiple peptides supported with amino acids, essential fatty acids and other nutrients encourage new baby collagen and overall cell health. Added Glycosaminoglycan to help restore maximum moisture levels, Filaggrin modulators to lock in moisture and Beta Glucan to support the skins immune system. A eutrophic action (Ancient Greek: well nourished) which repairs and regenerates damaged cutis.  It has strong regenerating properties upon the cellular matrix and repairing effects on tissues. Especially effective in restoring the cutaneous barrier and in normalising epidermic function.  It helps to recreate the ideal tissue condition for the natural and physiological recovery process, in instances of cutaneous alterations. Improves skin elasticity, tightens the skin, revises wrinkles.  Skin naturally sheds billions of skin cells each day. When this natural shedding slows, or stops due to sun damage, dry skin, oily skin, genetics, or different skin disorders, the results are unmistakable. The result is often dull, dry or flaky skin, clogged pores, blemishes, white bumps, and uneven skin tone. improves cell turnover without irritation and helps to put everything in balance again. When you gently get rid of built-up skin cells you can unclog pores, stop breakouts, smooth out wrinkles, even make dry skin become a thing of the past! Resulting in refined texture and luminosity of the skin. We call this “Porcelainization”

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