Medik8 Firewall

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Medik8 Firewall


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Product Description

The result of original and patented Medik8 research and discovery, Firewall combines clinically tested ingredients to produce a unique, powerful and stable antioxidant serum. Firewall neutralises a broad spectrum of free-radicals. Firewall quenches free-radicals and provides a fabulous complement to sun protection. Firewall leaves the skin feeling hydrated, fresh and glowing with a sumptuous silky feel. Its the ultimate all-in-one protect and moisturise formula. Multiple award-winning.
Firewall is separated into two parts to maximise stability and potency. The twin-chamber pack is an airless system. The lid contains an oxygen-absorbing patch.


Broad spectrum antioxidant serum
Protects collagen from free-radical damage
Mimics the body's natural antioxidants

All-in-one protect and moisturise formula
Dual-chamber airless pack for stability
Instant feeling of fresh smooth skin

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