Brauer Baby & Child Runny Nose Relief - 100mL

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Brauer Baby & Child Runny Nose Relief - 100mL 17%off

Baby & Child Runny Nose Relief - 100mL

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The formula includes ingredients that are traditionally used to help with both a clear runny nose and a thick, congested nose. Runny nose can be used in children from 6 months of age. Sometimes runny noses are just part of being young. But if your child often has a runny nose, work with your Healthcare Professional to find out the cause. Avoid stuffy, damp or mouldy environments. Try reducing your child's intake of dairy products, sugary and processed foods to see if this helps their runny nose. (If you are no longer breastfeeding or using formula and your child is not regularly having milk or other dairy products, make sure you choose dairy substitutes that have added calcium.) Encourage your child to drink plenty of water.

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