freezeframe Collagen O2 Mask - 100g

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freezeframe Collagen O2 Mask - 100g 13%off

Collagen O2 Mask - 100g

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Product Description

COLLAGEN O2 MASK - an express 15 minute facial which combines an Oxygen Charged Serum with a Collagen Infused Cotton Mask. When the two meet, a unique activation occurs exploding to life on your skin as a bubbly fizz of oxygen works to push collagen peptides and marine fucoidans deep into skin where they work their firming, tightening, collagen producing magic. Skin is plumped and smooth. Skin cells are re-energized and firmness is restored. This mask is so powerful, it can help to tighten face and jawline, recreating a firm V-contour.

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