Nicorette 16 hour Invisipatch 25mg Step 1 - 14 Pack

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Nicorette 16 hour Invisipatch 25mg Step 1 - 14 Pack 19%off

16 hour Invisipatch 25mg Step 1 - 14 Pack

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Product Description

Nicorette 16hr Invisipatch patch is a quit smoking aid. Nicorette 16hr Invisipatch patch works by relieving nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. A higher dose patch is used first followed by lower dose patches for up to 12 weeks. Once applied, the INVISIPATCH gradually releases nicotine over a 16 hour period. The nicotine is absorbed through your skin and enters your bloodstream. In addition, our 16hr patches give your body a break from nicotine while you sleep, and they re less likely to cause skin irritation and sleep disturbances than 24hr patches. During a quit attempt you may experience more than just cravings, especially within the first few days. Introducing its latest patch innovation, new NICORETTE 16hr INVISIPATCH fights 7 symptoms of withdrawal Anxiety Cravings Increased appetite Irritability Low mood Poor concentration Restlessness NICORETTE 16hr INVISIPATCH is specially designed to be as discreet as possible. It s semi-transparent and discreet meaning you can tuck it away from view and get on with your day. Just pop it on first thing every morning, and you can focus on enjoying another smoke-free day.