TensCare Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser Save $39

Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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Product Description

The tone program firms the pelvic floor and may increase sexual pleasure. The Elise uses comfortable electrical stimulation to aid in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to reduce bladder leakage and incontinence and can also speed up recovery after pregnancy. The Elise can also be used to treat symptoms of faecal incontinence and also bladder leakage in men. Anal probe sold separately. Pelvic floor exercisers are an effective form of incontinence management providing a discreet, affordable and long-term solution for incontinence sufferers. The Elise has a one touch memory that remembers the last program, strength and setting used and also comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

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