Zen Herbal Liniment - 100mL

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ZEN Herbal Liniment - 100mL 24%off

Herbal Liniment - 100mL

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Product Description

Zen is a natural product made in Australia. Zen is a combination of traditional Chinese and Western herbs used for centuries for the relief of joint and muscle pain and the treatment of traumatic injuries. The herbs are specially prepared with essential oils to enhance the analgesic action. ZEN is non oily, pure and volatile. It penetrates quickly with no rubbing needed. The special synergetic herbal combination nourishes the underlying damaged bone, sinew and muscle promoting repair as well as relieving pain. ZEN is a high quality natural medicine. The 10 herbs and oils used in ZEN have been used for hundreds of years by millions of people around the world to relieve pain and treat sporting injuries.

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