123 Nourish Me Organic Kids Tea Superboost 110g

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123 Nourish Me Organic Kids Tea Superboost 110g

123 Nourish Me
Organic Kids Tea Superboost 110g

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Product Description

123 Nourish Me have created this sweet, harmonious blend of healing herbs to appeal to kids’ palates and your clean eating requirements. It includes organic herbs grown in Australia that have a comforting, calming taste and aroma, a warming effect on the body, and a number of natural properties that can help keep kids healthy. Perfect for bedtime and wintertime! Licorice, which gives the tea its sweetness, also soothes the stomach and fights germs that cause throat and respiratory infections. Ginger is another immune-boosting antimicrobial, and its relative cardamom is a valued remedy for indigestion that also helps maintain kidney function. Kakadu Plum, also called Murunga, is an Australian native superfood rich in vitamin C. Cinnamon – at least the true Ceylon cinnamon 123 Nourish Me use in preference to the cheaper Chinese variety – is another spice that’s excellent for treating stomach trouble. It also helps control blood sugar levels and is responsible for the warming properties of this tea. Finally, the rose petals certainly are pretty, but they’re also functional – high in antioxidants and effective against stomach cramping. Ingredients: Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Cardamom Pods, Kakadu Plum, Ceylon Cinnamon, Dried Rose Petals

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