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The therapeutic AntiSnor acupressure ring uses ancient principles of Chinese acupressure. The sterling silver ring has two pressure balls on the underside of the band, which applies pressure to the acupuncture point located on the inside of your little finger - between the first joint and knuckle. Chinese acupuncturists believe this pressure point connects to the heart meridian channel, up to the ear, nose and throat. The ring is worn on small finger of the left hand (as your heart is located on the left). The ring is adjustable to ensure adequate pressure can be applied. The ring should be worn 30 minutes before bedtime and for the duration of the night. Ring Size - Large: 9-10 (or 2 5/8 - 2 7/8 inches) To find your size: 1. Take a piece of string or dental floss and wrap it around your left pinkie finger, at the base.  2. Mark where the dental floss crosses and measure on a ruler.  3. Confirm your measurement with the size listed above. The ring is available in small, medium and large sizes. They are adjustible, however please ensure the measurement fits within the size listed above. 

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