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"Learn Kristine's unique disease fighting methods, balanced approach to nutrition and life skills as this amazing self help book 'empowers you' to improve your own health" This highly anticipated and insightful book contains information on: Disease cause and effect! The effects of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fats and oils! Your Ph levels, is your body acid or alkaline and how can certain waters assist your health? Why should we eat organically grown foods and why is organic better for us? Food additives and chemicals in our homes, what to look out for and how to avoid them! Digestion and nutrient absorption, simple rules when eating! The candida and parasite connection and the effective cleansing program! Making food your medicine and which natural herbs can help? Program for life, the 28 day step by step, detox self help guide, it is easy! The optimum daily program and nutritional supplements, which ones to take! Sprouting for health, which seeds, legumes and nuts are beneficial and how to do it! This book also contains information on: Over 55 unique food and drink recipes that are easy to prepare and full of goodness! Exercise, personal training, core training and why these are essential for good health! Safer and natural personal care and home cleaning products! The power of affirmations, hypnotherapy and meditation to harness 'your' power within! Candles, incense, essential oils and other alternative methods for focusing and relaxation! "The Bad News is - Cancer is a Reality" The GOOD NEWS is - CANCER CAN BE BEATEN!

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