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Nourishing Traditions Book, Sally Fallon

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It’s no secret that modern diets aren’t necessarily healthy diets – increases in obesity and cancer worldwide testify to that. So maybe it’s time to look to the past for a guide to healthier (and tastier) eating. Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions is that guide: a mouth-watering look at traditional foods and a scientifically based explanation of what makes them better choices than current conventional wisdom would have you believe. Among other interesting tips and surprises, you’ll learn: Why animal fats and cholesterol are actually good for your health and your heart Beneficial effects of butter, oils, sauces and gravies on digestive function and health Why you should avoid processed soy products, and why going vegan might not be such a good idea Whether or not you should drink cow’s milk What to feed your children – at every age Ways to prepare legumes and whole grains for maximum nutritional and health benefits Use of natural enzymes to enhance digestion and flavour of a variety of dishes

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