Ceres Organics Functional Fibre Wholefood Blend 200g

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Ceres Organics Functional Fibre Wholefood Blend 200g

Ceres Organics
Functional Fibre Wholefood Blend 200g

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Product Description

When you’re looking for an all-natural source of dietary fibre, it’s hard to top this psyllium and chia powder blend from Ceres Organics. It’s especially high in soluble fibre, which is more effective in promoting digestive regularity and has good prebiotic properties as well. Another benefit is that both psyllium and chia expand up to tenfold as they absorb water, which means they take up more space in your stomach and produce a feeling of fullness that can help to reduce hunger pangs and cravings. The standard way to use this supplement is to mix 2-3 teaspoons with a cup of warm water. You can also mix it into smoothies or food, but in that case you should be extra sure to keep yourself properly hydrated (due to the abovementioned absorptive effect). Excellent source of dietary fibre (3:2 soluble/insoluble fibre ratio) Good probiotic properties Reduces food cravings Certified Organic Ingredients: Psyllium, Ground Chia

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