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Test Kit with booklet

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The EasyPH test kit is an easy-to-use-home pH test kit that includes litmus paper, easy instructions on how to test your pH, and an informative chart to help determine your pH level. You get instant results immediately just by testing your saliva or urine and immediately find out your body’s acid-alkaline balance. Includes a booklet that covers: Your acid-alkaline balance Weight loss advice An acid-alkaline food chart Healthy articles by industry experts A balanced pH can benefit you in the following ways: Promotes healthy body weight May aid in prevention and treatment of diabetes Promotes proper electrolyte activity and efficient heart function May reduce risk of hypertension Protects against premature ageing Promotes energy, physical vitality and stamina Promotes bone health, digestive health and healthy immunity Promotes enhanced mental clarity and acuity Promotes faster recovery from illness, injury and exertion May reduce the risk of gout May also reduce the risk of cancer

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