Ecoegg Carpet Cleaning Microsponges Fresh Linen 750g

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Ecoegg Carpet Cleaning Microsponges Fresh Linen 750g 6%off

Carpet Cleaning Microsponges Fresh Linen 750g

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Product Description

Sponging down each individual fibre of your carpet would be a great way to clean it, if you wanted to put in the time and effort. Well, how does ten minutes and a vacuum sound? That’s all you need for Ecoegg’s Carpet Cleaning Microsponges. Thanks to some brand-new UK technology, all you do is sprinkle the very tiny sponges over your carpet, brush them in, and vacuum them up ten minutes later. They sink below the surface to absorb dirt and stains from the lower layers as well, leaving your carpet cleaner than ever before after you vacuum them away. You don’t have to wait hours for them to dry, and you don’t have to worry that dirt from the bottom will show up on top as soon as you walk through the room. These microsponges are compatible with all carpet types, including coir, sisal and wool, and can also be used for easy cleaning of leather and fabrics.

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