Ecoegg Fresher for Longer Discs Pack of 4

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Ecoegg Fresher for Longer Discs Pack of 4 6%off

Fresher for Longer Discs Pack of 4

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Product Description

You may know that the agricultural industry uses a gas called ethylene to ripen fruits and vegetables after they’re picked. Of course, the produce doesn’t know where to stop; more ethylene leads to overripe (and eventually rotten) fruit and veg – and unfortunately the ripening process actually releases ethylene, which just accelerates the decay. The industry controls for this in warehouses, refrigerator trucks and supermarkets – and now you can do the same at home with Ecoegg’s Fresher for Longer Discs. They absorb ethylene, so placing one in the fruit-and-veg compartment of your refrigerator or pantry will give you more time to enjoy all those healthy flavours. Since each disc lasts for three months, this four-pack gives you a whole year of longer lasting freshness.

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