Forage Cereal Forage Porridge G/F 5kg Tub

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Forage Porridge G/F 5kg Tub 13%off

Forage Cereal
Forage Porridge G/F 5kg Tub

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Product Description

The power of gluten free ancient Andean grains balanced with raw organic rapadura sugar, cinnamon and vanilla to create a truly natural porridge experience. Any porridge eaten with only water or milk is NOT the best start to the day. So, to nutritionally balance your porridge  you should add seeds, nuts, fruit and maybe a little yoghurt. Not only is this creamy and delicious, but it is packed full of nQ ( natural intelligence ). Forridge porridge is just great food! Gluten free Organic and all natural ingredients Rich in natural fibre Sweet and rich in iron Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Rapadura Sugar, Organic Vanilla and Organic Cinnamon.

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