H2Coco Espresso Coconut Water 6x1L

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H2Coco Espresso Coconut Water 6x1L 6%off

Espresso Coconut Water 6x1L

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Product Description

Hydrate and energise at the same time with this blend of pure coconut water and premium robusta coffee. It’s a healthier, more refreshing alternative to sugary dairy-based iced coffee drinks, without the lactose and the fat. The silky smooth coconut water contains hydrating electrolytes and other natural nutrients, while the rich robusta adds antioxidants including weight-loss-friendly chlorogenic acid - and, of course, caffeine. Try it with breakfast, as a stimulating sports drink during your workouts, or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up at the office. Ingredients: Coconut Water, Robusta Coffee

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