Hemp Foods Australia Organic Hemp Protein Powder 1kg

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Hemp Foods Australia
Organic Hemp Protein Powder 1kg

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If you’re looking for a plant-based protein supplement, there are two good reasons to consider this one: the quality of hemp seed protein, and the quality of Hemp Foods Australia’s hemp protein powder. Containing high levels of every essential amino acid and used by many of the world’s top bodybuilders, hemp is often regarded as the best raw protein there is – and Hemp Foods Australia makes the best you can get. It’s an ultra-fine powder with a mild nutty flavour far superior to that of whey or soy. While it mixes smoothly into traditional protein shakes and smoothies, the great taste means it’s just as useful as a protein-packed topping for cereal and yoghurt. And although this isn’t a hemp flour, it can still substitute for a portion of the flour in recipes for baked goods such as bread, brownies and muffins. Now let’s get to the good stuff – the protein. In fact, hemp seed has a lot of good stuff, such as fibre and fatty acids like heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory omega-3s and omega-6s which are good for the brain, bones, skin and hair. This powder still contains significant quantities of those nutrients, but it’s been processed to maximise the protein content. So it’s very rich in protein, and that protein is very rich in not just some but all of the essential amino acids - with particularly high proportions of the branched-chain amino acids used by working muscles. It has around 2% methionine and just a little less cysteine – both sulphurous amino acids that are used in synthesising enzymes – and also offers good amounts of arginine (nearly 10%), leucine (about 6%) and histidine (slightly over 2%). That’s more essential amino acids than soy or whey, in a more easily digestible, more bioavailable form – but that’s not the only reason to prefer hemp protein. It’s healthier, too. Supplementing with whey protein tends to overwork the kidney and add body fat, while soy actually contains trypsin inhibitors that make it harder for the body to digest protein. That’s not only counterproductive; it may also lead to problems with the pancreas. Hemp hasn’t got these issues. So hemp protein is better for you, and it turns out that Hemp Foods Australia’s hemp protein is also better for Australia. Their hemp is grown here, organically and sustainably, and the various parts of the plant help support Australian industries ranging from food to fuel to paper to construction to bioplastics. Hemp Foods Australia also process their hemp protein powder domestically in a dedicated hemp-only facility. Whole hemp seeds are first cold-pressed to extract the oil, then cold-milled and sieved to produce a fine, uniform powder. No heat or solvents are used at any point, leaving only clean, raw protein of the highest quality.

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