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Hilde Hemmes Heart Wine 375mL

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Heart Wine contains the therapeutic herb hawthorn, which was used in Irish folk medicine as a heart tonic, in the 1600s. Hawthorn is one of the oldest-known medicinal plants used in western herbal medicine and is one of the most valuable herbs for improving and supporting heart health. Medicinal Use: Heart Wine contains hawthorn, one of the most valuable, traditionally-used herbs for improving heart health. It is a powerful heart tonic that helps optimise cardiovascular and circulatory systems to perform at their peak. Active Ingredients: Each 25 mL dose contains extract equivalent to hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) herb top fl. dry 1 g. Features / Benefits Contains no artificial colours, caffeine, gluten, sugars or lactose. Ideal for people who appreciate a drop of wine. Rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream Made with quality Australian Shiraz Cabernet wine. Contains 19% v/v alcohol and sulphur dioxide

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