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Hilde Hemmes Herbals
Hilde Hemmes Sage - 30 Teabags

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History shows that sage has been used since the first century by the Greek physician Dioscorides to aid in the relief of mouth and throat disorders. Its name is derived from the Latin salvere (to be saved). Use of sage historically can be credited to its thujone-rich essential oil which has antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Medicinal Use It is used in many gastrointestinal remedies for the relief of indigestion complaints such as bloating, fullness, heartburn, abdominal pain and nausea. Studies have shown that sage tea can help minimise excessive perspiration making it helpful for night sweats. Gargling relieves symptoms of laryngitis, tonsillitis, sore throats, painful gums and mouth ulcers.Claims are based on traditional use in western herbal medicine. Features / Benefits Contains appropriate information based on latest findings. Contains no artificial colours, preservatives, caffeine, gluten, sugars or lactose. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Packed in long-life foil bags to retain freshness and potency. Least expensive way of taking a herbal medicine. Each teabag contains Sage (Salvia officinalis) leaf granules dry 2.5 g.     Dosage Infuse one teabag with one cup of boiling water, cover for ten to fifteen minutes. Internally: take three cups daily. As a gargle: use two teabag and gargle with the warm infusion several times daily.  Precautions Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Not suitable during pregnancy and lactation. Duration of use For excessive perspiration, treatment for 2-4 weeks is recommended.    

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