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Collagen Peptide 150g

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Limited Time - Buy One Get One Free Hyaline Collagen Peptide is a supplement form of Collagen that is a highly purified, odourless, tasteless powder (Collagen Hydrolysate). Collagen is a structural protein that’s vital to the health of your skin and joints. It gives the skin the firmness and elasticity that fights wrinkles and sagging. As the major component of the cartilage in your joints, collagen helps ensure proper and pain-free movement. But collagen deteriorates with age, sun exposure and mechanical stress from work and exercise. Your body does make more, but less so as you get older – and it needs the right amino acids (which are the building blocks of collagen and all other proteins) to do it. That’s where Hyaline’s Collagen Peptide comes in. You can think of a peptide as an intermediate between amino acids and proteins. Since this one is a collagen peptide, it naturally contains several of the most important amino acids your body needs for synthesis of the complete collagen molecule. Notably, glycine and proline, which together make up nearly half of collagen’s molecular structure, are present here in triple the amount as in other proteins. Recent research suggests that collagen supplements like this may be useful in maintaining skin tone and joint mobility as people age. And Hyaline has taken special care to ensure that their Collagen Peptide is pure, potent and easy to use. Imported from Germany, Hyaline’s product is purified until it’s over 90% protein and without taste or odour. It also dissolves easily and completely (even in cold water), so for a daily collagen supplement all you need do is stir three teaspoons into a glass of plain water – no heating or flavouring required. Dissolves easily in cold water Highly purified, odourless and tasteless No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Gluten, lactose, yeast and alcohol free Just 75 kJ (18 calories) per serving Package size: 150g (30 servings) Ingredients:  Collagen Peptide from bovine origin in Germany

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