KT Tape Cotton 16 ft Uncut Pink

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KT Tape Cotton 16 ft Uncut Pink 34%off

KT Tape
Cotton 16 ft Uncut Pink

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Product Description

KT Tape brings the latest technology to the age-old practice of athletic taping for greatly improved comfort, durability, and effectiveness in treating and preventing muscle injuries and pain from sports and exercise. The non-irritating tape is made of soft, natural cotton fibres woven over a latex-free elastic core in a flexible mesh that lets air reach the skin and perspiration escape. It’s held firmly in place by a patented medical-grade acrylic adhesive, Secondskin, that doesn’t itch but stays strong for three days to a week even as you exercise, swim laps, and win competitions. The high-recoil UltraLite elastic provides exceptional support to muscles, tendons and joints while still allowing full range of motion. This 16-foot uncut roll gives you the flexibility to tailor applications to your particular needs, and the package includes a convenient instructional guide to get you started. Latex free Doesn’t irritate skin Breathable Can be used while swimming Stays in place for 3 to 7 days Resists cold and humidity Instructions included

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