KT Tape Pro 16 ft Uncut Beige

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KT Tape
Pro 16 ft Uncut Beige

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Product Description

Stronger, more durable, and even more high-tech, KT Tape Pro is a premium kinesiology tape for professional athletes and dedicated amateurs. Its longer, tougher UltraLite elastic core supports muscles, tendons and joints more firmly and stays stretchy for up to a week of intense use – in the gym, in the pool, on the playing field or even at sea. Meanwhile, the patented medical-grade acrylic adhesive, Secondskin, keeps the tape in position without itchiness or irritation. Because KT Tape Pro is designed for longer wear under harsher conditions, it’s made of lightweight synthetic microfibre that resists water and physical stress better than cotton. The microfibre also dries quickly and has antibacterial properties, so there are no unpleasant odours no matter how long the tape stays on. KT Tape Pro is reflective for added safety during road or marine use and comes with a hard-sided reusable carrying case and a comprehensive instructional guide. This 16-foot uncut roll gives you the flexibility to tailor applications to your particular needs. Latex free Doesn’t irritate skin Breathable Antibacterial Odour free Reflective for safety Suitable for use in saltwater Effective for an entire week Resists cold and humidity Instructions included

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