KT Tape Pro X, 15 Pain Patches

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KT Tape Pro X, 15 Pain Patches 34%off

KT Tape
Pro X, 15 Pain Patches

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Product Description

KT Tape Pro X is made from the same high-grade, high-tech synthetic microfibre and Secondskin acrylic adhesive as KT Tape Pro, but it’s 100% focused on pain relief. The X shape grants effective relief for a broad variety of muscle and tendon aches and pains due to both acute strains and chronic stress. The pre-cut patches are ready for instant application whenever you hurt, and there’s a complete instructional guide to help you target the pain most successfully. Once you apply a patch you can expect it to stay on for three to five days, through all your workouts, swims and showers, without odour or skin irritation. This 15-patch pack comes with a hard-sided reusable carrying case. Latex free  Doesn’t irritate skin Breathable  Antibacterial  Odour free  Reflective for safety  Suitable for use in saltwater  Effective for 3 to 5 days  Resists cold and humidity  Anti-snag, no-fray rounded corners Instructions included

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