Lifestream Advanced Digestive Enzymes 180 caps

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Advanced Digestive Enzymes 180 caps

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Lifestream Advanced  Digestive Enzyme capsules contain over half a dozen natural digestive enzymes derived from plants and microbes, so your digestion gets a boost no matter what you’re eating. Protease, papain and bromelain help break protein-rich foods like meat into amino acids that your body can use to build muscle; lipase helps extract vitamins like A, D and E from fatty foods; and amylase, cellulose and tilactase help convert starch and refined carbohydrates into energy. The high quality enzymes are effective at all digestive pH levels. Take a capsule at meals (two for especially rich dishes) to help minimise digestive disturbances and get the most from what you eat. Ingredients (per capsule): Amylase (12,000 DU), Protease (35,000 HUT), Bromelains (33mg), Lipase (600 LipU), Papain (20mg), Tilactase (1 thousand ALU), Cellulase (250 CU)

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