Lifestream Barley Grass Powder 250g

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Lifestream Barley Grass Powder 250g 11%off

Barley Grass Powder 250g

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Much of what we eat and drink as part of a modern diet – sugar and bread; alcohol, coffee and tea; almost anything fried or processed – is acidic. Our bodies do need some acidity, but something like 80% of our food should be alkaline. Unless most of your meals are fresh green salads, you’re probably not getting enough alkalinity in your diet, and over time that can lower your body’s pH level and negatively affect your health and wellbeing. That’s where barley grass comes in. Rich in colloidal ionic minerals, it’s one of the most effective natural alkalisers around, and regular supplementation can help bring your pH back to the optimal 7.3–7.4 you were born with. This exceptionally high-quality powder from Lifestream delivers maximum benefits, with high levels of chlorophyll and no synthetic additives at all. Ingredients: Barley Grass

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