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Cleanse Kit Each

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Product Description

Lifestream Cleanse Kit is a comprehensive blend of biogenic aloe vera, chlorella and bowel biotics. The three way combination of each of these products, provides effective gentle detoxification support. Our modern lifestyle and diet often means a build up of toxins and waste within the body. It can be very beneficial at times to help support the workload of our internal detoxification organs, so we can function at our best. The Cleanse Kit contains the following: Biogenic Aloe Vera 30 caps - may soothe and calm the digestive tract and help support the liver. Bowel Biotics 100 caps - contain psyllium husks, rich in fibre to help eliminate waste, and act as excellent source of roughage for the bowel and probiotic cultures to maintain healthy bowel flora. Chlorella Powder 300 mini-tablets - a rich source of nutrients and is the ultimate source of chlorophyll, which helps give its powerful detoxification actions.  May help support: Clear, healthy skin Liver function Health energy levels Healthy digestion Detoxification pathways Regular, healthy bowel movements Overall health and well-being Weight managment

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