Lifestream Selenium Capsules 90 caps

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Lifestream Selenium Capsules 90 caps 11%off

Selenium Capsules 90 caps

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As a trace element, selenium isn’t needed in any great quantity – but it is needed, for proper thyroid function, to fight damage from heavy metals like arsenic and mercury, and in the immune and circulatory systems. Australian soils happen to be rather poor in selenium, meaning that food crops grown in them may also be deficient, and many Australians are therefore turning to selenium supplements. Research in America ( whose soil is also lacking in selenium ) has shown that the best way to supplement with selenium is by using a high selenium yeast like that contained in Lifestream’s selenium capsules. It’s all natural, and the selenium it contains is organically bound in proteins like selenomethionine and selenocysteine, making it both stable and easily usable by the body. Ingredients: High Selenium Yeast, Rice Starch, Hypromellose

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