Lifestream Ultimate Greens Capsules 250 caps

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Lifestream Ultimate Greens Capsules 250 caps 11%off

Ultimate Greens Capsules 250 caps

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Greens are some of nature’s most nourishing foods, full of all vitamins and minerals you’d find in a chemically prepared multivitamin, plus a lot of nutrients you won’t: gamma-linolenic acid, dietary fibre, antioxidant plant enzymes and pigments, beta carotene and phycocyanin, and much, much more. Lifestream have concentrated three of the best – chlorella, barley grass and spirulina – into these convenient capsules to give you consistent access to green wholefood nutrition even if you don’t have time to prepare a salad for every meal. Ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass

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