Lifestream Wheat Grass Powder 100g

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Wheat Grass Powder 100g

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Product Description

Wheat grass has all the natural goodness you’d expect from something so green – chlorophyll, folic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, essential minerals – and Lifestream’s version has more than most. It grows for three months in the sun before harvest, giving it time to develop a nutritional profile unequalled by tray-grown wheat grass; after that it’s quickly air dried, which concentrates the nutrients to greater potency than is possible with a ‘shot’ of wheat grass juice. (This also makes it a lot less messy than DIY juicing!) In addition to its nutritional benefits, wheat grass is very good at promoting gut health and digestive regularity. Lifestream’s preparation contains 39% fibre and helps maintain the digestive system by supporting friendly microorganisms and promoting regular elimination. (And yes, it’s gluten free; wheat gluten is found in the grain, not the grass.) Ingredients: Wheat Grass

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