Lloyds Organic Harvest Lloyds Bio-Dynamic Grenache 750ml

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Lloyds Bio-Dynamic Grenache 750ml 6%off

Lloyds Organic Harvest
Lloyds Bio-Dynamic Grenache 750ml

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100% certified Bio-dynamic Organic Pure Grape Juice. A Natural Source Of Quick Energy Grape Juice is a source of quick energy, as the minerals and natural fruit sugars are quickly absorbed into the blood stream.  It helps to decrease the acidity of the blood, is an outstanding blood constructor and is beneficial for nervous exhaustion, rheumatism, arthritis, low blood sugar, poor circulation, low blood pressure, liver function.  It is a powerful antioxidant and helps to promote healthy cardiovascular functioning. Lloyd's Organic Harvest - Organically The First Choice Creating the World's largest variety of Pure Certified Bio-dynamic Grape Juices for about 30 years, and have both ACO and Biological Farmers of Australia certification.

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