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Loving Earth
Cacao Powder 1kg

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Loving Earth’s unroasted Cacao Powder is an heirloom variety, Criollo Amazonico, grown by the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. For centuries, they’ve tended their cacao in the shade of taller trees such as mango and avocado in a system of traditional permaculture that leaves the rainforest undamaged and does not necessitate artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Cacao is a potent natural source of antioxidants and the essential mineral magnesium. Loving Earth handles its cacao with care, fermenting it at low temperatures to preserve its nutrients and refraining from the antioxidant-destroying roasting process. The beans are then pressed to remove their butter and fat and milled into this richly chocolaty powder, which has approximately twice the antioxidant content of regular roasted cocoa powder. Good source of flavonol antioxidants High in magnesium  No sugar or gluten Low glycaemic index Vegan Organic Package size: 1kg Ingredients: Criollo Amazonico Cacao Powder

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