Loving Earth Organic Coconut Sugar 300g

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Loving Earth
Organic Coconut Sugar 300g

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Coconut sugar is a healthy sweetener that’s better for your body – and better for the planet – than cane sugar. Loving Earth’s offering is sourced by fair trade from the Indonesian island of Java, where the local people still grow coconut palms and harvest the nectar of their blossoms by hand. It’s traditional, sustainable agriculture that produces half again as much sugar per hectare as sugar cane, uses 20% of the natural resources, and allows farmers to work in the shade of palm orchards rather than the blazing heat of cane fields. The result is a light brown sugar with a delicate toffee flavour that has a low glycaemic index, low fructose content, and high amounts of vitamins and essential minerals. It’s a one-to-one substitute for cane sugar, so it’s easy to use in baking with no conversions required. Good source of iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc Low glycaemic index Low fructose Gluten and dairy free Fair trade Vegan Organic Package size: 300g  Ingredients: coconut sugar

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