Loving Earth Raw Organic Mandarin & Gubinge Chocolate 80g

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Loving Earth
Raw Organic Mandarin & Gubinge Chocolate 80g

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Part of Loving Earth’s line of raw cacao based chocolate bars sweetened with low-GI coconut nectar, the Mandarin & Gubinge Creamy Chocolate is nearly 50% heirloom criollo amazonico cacao and rich in flavonol antioxidants and magnesium. They have no refined sugar or dairy content and also contain raw coconut which is high in lauric acid, a natural antimicrobial agent. These bars are blended with gubinge (Kakadu plum), a native Australian superfood that’s an outstanding source of natural vitamin C. Mandarin essential oil adds a citrus note that’s a wonderful complement to the intense chocolate flavour of the cacao, and a little cardamom rounds things off for an aromatic, slightly spicy finish.  Mandarin & Gubinge Creamy Chocolate bars have a soft and creamy texture due to the low melting point of coconut oil.  High in magnesium Good source of Vitamin C High flavonol antioxidant content   Low glycaemic index Gluten and dairy free No cane sugar Fair trade Vegan Organic Ingredients: evaporated coconut nectar, virgin cacao butter, coconut, raw cacao beans, gubinge, mandarin essential oil, cardamom

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