MgBody Magnesium Spray Sensitive 125ml

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Magnesium Spray Sensitive 125ml

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A convenient spray for quick application of transdermal magnesium Rapidly increases magnesium levels to fight inflammation, cramps & muscle soreness Formulated with soothing essential oils for people with sensitive skin 100mg of magnesium for 8-10 sprays 32-34% concentration of magnesium  Your body uses magnesium to help muscles recover from exertion and injury, and the best way to give it that magnesium is through the skin. Compared with oral supplements, transdermal absorption is much quicker and won’t cause digestive side effects. Some people do experience an unpleasant tingling sensation when using transdermal magnesium, though, so MgBody have prepared this easy-spraying mix of concentrated magnesium chloride and soothing essential oils to make the benefits comfortably available to everyone. Its gentler feel is perfect for people with sensitive skin, and also appreciated by children and the elderly. To use, just apply 10–20 sprays twice daily (morning and night) around the body – and particularly in areas of soreness or cramping – and massage in briefly. For children, use half the normal dose. Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Essential Oils

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