Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder 400g

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Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder 400g 6%off

Natural Animal Solutions
Goat Milk Powder 400g

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Product Description

Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder has been exclusively chosen from the best sources available to guarantee that it is 100% filler-free. According to studies published in the Journal of American Medicine, “Goat milk is the most complete food known.” 72% of the milk produced throughout the world comes from goats. Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk is filled with complex nutrients and with its low lactose content, it is really safe for those weaning young stomachs. It is the perfect supplement for dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, wildlife and livestock. It can be used as a suitable, tasty healthy treat or given as a nutrient supplement for pet’s who have less an appetite. Contains natural minerals and vitamins: iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, B vitamin, plus many more. Natural Animal Solutions Goat Milk Powder is: Skim milk powder free Dairy creamer free Filler and anti-clumping agent gree Colour-free Artificial flavour free Contains no Cow Milk Goat Milk vs Cow Milk Goat milk is a great source of calcium, providing up to 13% more calcium than cow’s milk. Goat milk is easier to digest because of the fat molecules that are one-fifth the size of those from cow milk making it easily tolerated by those with sensitive digestive systems. Goat milk is one-third richer than cow’s milk and is higher in nourishing content. The flavor of goat milk is similar to the taste of cow milk, but Goat milk has a milder, sweeter taste. Goat milk has pre-formed Vitamin A in the milk fat that makes it readily available for use by the body. Goat milk has highly-evolved cholesterol levels than cow’s milk, making it better for absorption of the brain and body. Cholesterol is important to the health of the myelin sheaths a “white matter” located in the nerves of the brain. Goat milk contains more chlorine, silicon, fluorine compared to any other milk. Natural germicides, chlorine and fluorine aids in preventing diabetes. Goat milk has 2% curd, which absorbs in the stomach. Cow’s milk contains 10% curd. Goats have a stronger immunity to diseases compared to cows. Goats milk is absorbed better by a damaged liver due to the smaller fat molecules and natural homogenization. Goats milk has a higher content of evolved carotene (pro-Vitamin A). Ingredients 100% Pure Goat Milk Powder

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