Naturopaths Choice Minwell+ Replacement Filter

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Naturopaths Choice Minwell+ Replacement Filter Save $10

Naturopaths Choice
Minwell+ Replacement Filter

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Product Description

Filter cartidge replacement for Naturopaths Choice MiniWell+ alkaline Bench Top water filters. Works like a brand new bench top water filter with every cartridge change. Replace your filters cartridge after 2500L or after 6 months use. With Naturopaths Choice MiniWell water filter, original tap water is instantly transformed into refreshing and nutritious drinking water that completely filters out elements of fluoride, chlorine, and common metal trace elements found in tap water. You get crisp and clear drinking water that is great for the whole family. Naturopaths Choice MiniWell produces fresh, clean, and safe drinking water that is ideal for detoxing, cooking, and cleaning    Instructions for replacing filter: Turn off water Pull out the outlet pipe from the top cap Turn casing cover anti-clockwise to loosen and remove Pull off the top cap Turn on tap water and it will push filter cartridge up Once old filter is removed, refill water to about 1/2 of the casing. Then turn off the tap water Install the new cartridge, squeezing out excess water. This removes air bubbles. Flatten handle. Finally, re-attach the top cap. Then screw on the casing cover clockwise and reconnect the outlet pipe Turn on your tap and flip the diverter switch to the MinWell+. Run water through your system for 15 minutes. This is based on 0.8L per minute flow rate, so if you run it at full flow you may reduce this to 10 minutes. The purpose is to saturate the media and to flush out any loose carbon. The filtered water will be murky or slightly grayish/blackish due to carbon dust being washed off from carbon filters. Once water runs clear, the filtered water can be used directly for drinking, washing or cooking. 

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