Voost Vitamins Voost Isotonic Sport - Orange Effervescent 10tabs

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Voost Isotonic Sport - Orange Effervescent 10tabs 19%off

Voost Vitamins
Voost Isotonic Sport - Orange Effervescent 10tabs

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Product Description

Minerals to improve hydration, food metabolism, muscle & nerve function Natural orange flavour Vegan, with no added dairy, lactose, soy or yeast Vöost’s Isotonic Sport tablets help your body do its best when it’s doing a lot. The German-made effervescent tablets feature a balanced mix of minerals that help ensure fast, efficient hydration and metabolism of carbs and protein. Also included are iron, which the body uses to supply oxygen to the muscles; and electrolytes, calcium and magnesium, which are important for proper function of muscles and transmission of nerve signals. You can take one tablet in 300mL of room-temperature water, or two in 600mL, to enjoy the nutritional benefits and the natural orange flavour. Each tablet contains: 4.28 g glucose 381 mg potassium (as potassium phosphate) 250 mg calcium (as calcium carbonate) 105 mg magnesium (as magnesium carbonate) 3.5 mg zinc (as zinc sulphate monohydrate) 2 mg iron (as ferrous gluconate dihydrate) 1.4 mg manganese (as manganese sulfate monohydrate)

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