Wonder Foods Wonderfoods Quinoa Seeds 500g Tri-colour (Org)

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Wonderfoods Quinoa Seeds 500g Tri-colour (Org) 6%off

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Wonderfoods Quinoa Seeds 500g Tri-colour (Org)

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Quinoa is a flowering, herbaceous pseudocereal related to amaranth and spinach. Cultivated formerly by the Inca Empire and currently by the indigenous peoples of Bolivia, Chile and Peru, it is now valued around the world for its exceptionally nutritious seeds. Justifiably known as a superfood, quinoa contains two times the protein of barley or rice (with high levels of lysine and all the other essential amino acids); the minerals calcium, magnesium and manganese; vitamins B and E; and plenty of dietary fibre. The flavour is slightly earthy but very mild and blends well with most all meals. To prepare, boil two parts water for every one part quinoa, then simmer for about 15 minutes until there’s no more liquid. Fluff with a fork and serve. Ingredients: Black, Red & White Quinoa Seeds

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