Wonder Foods Wonderfoods Tangy Vitamin C Powder 450gm

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Wonderfoods Tangy Vitamin C Powder 450gm

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Wonder Foods Tangy Vitamin C is an antioxidant supplement.  It can be easily mixed with water or fruit juice to provide a refreshing natural flavoured lemon drink. This great tasting, economical, revitalising, immune boosting formula can be taken for good health, well being & especially to prevent illness. Vitamin C is not produced in the human body, but it an essential component of the immune and detoxification systems. Vitamin C should be supplemented in our diet, as it is difficult to maintain optimum levels of this important antioxidant. Wonder Foods Tangy Vitamin C Hesperidin & Mineral powder is 100% Australian owned and made. Benefits: A tasty, tangy vitamin C supplement in a convenient powder form. Vitamin C regenerates Vitamin E and Glutathione Excellent antioxidant supplement Helps maintain general body resistance to mild infections For good health, wellbeing & to prevent illness Enhances immunity Assists cell repair & collagen production May assist with tissue repair & wound healing Contains Hesperidin (bioflavonoid) which acts synergistically with Vitamin C to protect & preserve capillaries & assists circulation Fully buffered with a mineral complex involving magnesium, calcium, zinc, sulphur and phosphate, to prevent damage to beneficial gut organisms. Contains a significant percentage of bio-flavonoids to insure maximum performance. Free of yeast, salt, corn products, wheat products (gluten), artificial sweeteners and flavouring, sucrose and lactose. Dosage: Adults - 2 grams (half a level metric teaspoon) daily. Children 2 - 12 years take half the adult dose. Ingredients: Each 2 grams contains: Ascorbic acid 800mg Calcium ascorbate 200mg Hesperidin 190mg Calcium phosphate 100mg Magnesium phosphate 190mg Zinc sulphate monohydrate 2.9mg Natural Lemon Flavour contains Glucose & Fructose Store: below 30 degrees Cecius. Keep container tightly capped to protect from moisture.

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