SMARTSNUGG Smart Snugg Bridge Monitor White

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Smart Snugg Bridge Monitor White

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The Smart Snugg Smart Bridge� is an essential part of the Smart Snugg Monitoring system. It's your gateway to a smarter, safer, and more connected parenting experience. The Smart Bridge plugs into your baby's room providing a secure link between the Smart Pebble and the Smart Snugg IOS App. With its 5-stage adjustable night light, you can create a soothing ambiance through the Smart Snugg App� with a simple tap. Then together, the Smart Bridge and Smart Pebble monitor your child's sleep space temperature, your child's temperature, and movement. Sending alerts if your child is ever detected outside the preset safe zones. Take control of your baby's sleep journey by diving into their sleep data, uncovering their unique patterns, and gaining insights into their temperature preferences. As your child grows and evolves, so does your understanding of their sleep. The Smart Bridge� captures every change in their sleep patterns, helping you adapt to their needs with confidence.

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