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The kitchen is one of the more used and therefore more sociable areas of any home. It should, then, combine function, comfort and style. People will spend time in one of the busiest rooms in the house and it often acts as a hub for the whole family.

Choosing the right colour scheme can make this room shine, emotionally as well as visually. So what kind of blue would suit the kitchen? A larger kitchen will give you more room to experiment. You may wish to try a navy blue on the cabinets and shelving to offset marble countertops and white walls. The effect is dramatic, modern and striking in its design.

Blue Kitchen Design

Interior Kitchen

Blue Tiles

Lovely Kitchen


The colour blue represents cool water and therefore lends itself perfectly to bathroom settings. Whether used as a slick glass tile or a bold geometric floor pattern, or as part of a feature wall, the choice for the bathroom is limitless. Try incorporating the colour in this room by using it in tiles or even a feature glass basin. Or add as a feature point in the shower along one wall.

Bathroom with blue

Pale blue bathroom walls

Turqoise tiles

Dark blue bathroom

Adults bedroom

What kind of mood would you like to create? From using bold dark shade with white trim to soothing, romantic soft tones that accent well with other soft colours, blue lends itself beautifully to the adults’ bedroom. The current trend is to change your bed linen and soft furnishings to seasonal colours at the right time of year. To complement this, the right shade of blue for a feature wall should be given consideration to see how it works with both light and dark complementary shades.

blue bedroom

light blue bedroom

blue and yellow bedroom

Kid’s bedroom

Here you can really have some fun with the colour blue! Not only by using a bright blue paint colour but also by using wallpapers to create a magical room for your children. Most people associate soft colours as a backdrop for a child’s room and that easily be complemented by the use of other soft blue accent colours.

The colour blue can even be used on the ceiling of a child’s room to replicate the sky, you may wish to add stick-on decals to represent clouds or stars. Creating a calm and magical bedroom for a baby, toddler or young teen is not only a fun project but with the input of your child can create a lasting memory for you both.

Gentle blue is an excellent feng shui choice for a home office or a child's study, especially as a ceiling colour. Some studies have shown that children work better under a blue-coloured ceiling than under the typical white. Perhaps this is because the light blue colour represents the open energy of the sky?

kids bedroom in pale blue

blue childrens room

Living areas

Living areas these days tend to be light and airy. Sometimes with a visual connection to the outdoors. However they can also be small and cosy giving you many options for picking shades for decorating. Shades of blue lend themselves well in a modern well-lit lounge. Why not try a feature wall? This is an excellent option as it still allows plenty of light to bounce around should you pick a lighter colour to complement the feature (say cream).

Blue living room

blue chairs


What works best for one person in a study may not appeal to another. However a study, by definition, is a working environment and a relaxing calming shade of blue may therefore act as the ideal background for many writers or work-from-home mums or dads. A lightish, middle of the range blue will help boost the creative juices!

A study also may act as a refuge, a quiet place or a mini-library, depending on your needs. Here blue — signifying calm and airiness — would be an ideal backdrop.

blue office study

soft office interior design

awesome office colour scheme

A range of blue colours can be used throughout the home to bring a touch of harmony and style. From soft baby blues in the nursery to a deep dark blue feature wall in the living room or a country style kitchen in duck egg blue, there is a style to suit every type of home. In essence, blue is a soothing, relaxing colour. The colour of the sky or sea. However like the sea, it may have many moods and it’s this versatility that makes blue such a great option for the home.

Whichever colour scheme you choose for your home, there’s always a place for one or more of the many shades of blue!

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