Lilyth Absorption Age Cream 50g

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Absorption Age Cream 50g

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Lilyth Absorption Age Cream 50g Lilyth d'or Absorption Age Cream is A Light Textured Cream containing Deeply Penetrating Hydrators without the sticky coated feeling of a heavy moisturizer.Keeping the skin's hydration levels perfectly balanced, the cream restores lost moisture and promotes healthy cell turnover in 24 hours. While skin stays smooth and flawless in the day, the cream's intensive hydrating properties nourish and rejuvenate the skin's cells overnight, restoring suppleness and reducing wrinkles. Formulated from a unique combination of potent botanical extracts, along with a special blend of vitamins and mineral supplements, the cream completely revitalizes and regenerates skin at the deepest level.As a woman ages, she tends to become more and more anxious about her skin. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able remove this burden for good? Unfortunately most skin care products have no desire to address this problem. Our mission, however, is to do just that! It's our hope that, by continuous use of our product, the concept and reality of aging skin will vanish forever.Lustrous Living: 3 components to help women obtain their desired beautySkin Restoration and Rejuvenation:AHA ・ BHA Salicylic Acid Mix : AHA of the skin (Glycollic Acid and Lactic Acid) gently removes dead skin cells while BHA (Salicylic Acid) softens clogged pores. As a result, the skin surface is cleansed and purified. The synergetic effect of these two elements reduces uneven skin tone and texture, making pores invisible.Skin Health:With the application premium hand selected Shea Butter, Grape Seed, Green Tea Extract and Other Botanicals, the skins feels satiny smooth. Providing intense hydration the cream helps resort firmness and elasticity leaving the skin, smooth and supple with a natural glow. The elegant sent of white Lily & citrus creates a sense of wellbeing and physical relaxation.Skin Transparency:The antioxidant component Tocopherol (Vitamin E) combined with Thioctic Acid will help excrete toxins, stabilize blood flood, gently rejuvenating skin transparency.In addition, Retinal (Vitamin A), an essential element for skin formation and function, is also added to the formula. As a result, skin cells are restored and regenerated, decreasing wrinkles around mouth and forehead, both particular areas of concern for most women.Vitamin B Complex (B2/B3/B9/B12) is also found in our potent cream blend.Working from deep within the skin layers, nutrients are restored to a perfect balance allowing for continued optimal cell turnover for truly immaculate skin.

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