Sabon Body Scrub 21.2oz, 600g La

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Body Scrub 21.2oz, 600g La

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Sabon Body Scrub 21.2oz, 600g Lavender Apple Sabon Body Scrub eliminates dry skin and brings even the most damaged skin back to life. It helps exfoliate dead skin which reveals a silkier, more youthful looking layer of skin cells beneath. Using Deep Sea Salt coated in Macadamia, Almond, and Soya Bean Oils, the body scrub allows gentle and smooth removal of dead skin cells.The use of Macadamia as an ingredient is what separates Sabon Body Scrub from the rest in the market. Macadamia Oil contains Palmitoleic Acid, which also occurs naturally in human skin, making your skin healthier. This scrub will make your skin beam with glow and gives a pleasant scent. SLS and paraben-free.Due to the nature of the product, there is a possibility of leakage. In such a case, the product can still be used without any problems. In addition, a scoop is not included.

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