Baumr-AG Diesel 50 Ton Log Splitter - Hercules HDS700 Series II

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Diesel 50 Ton Log Splitter - Hercules HDS700 Series II Save $1500

Diesel 50 Ton Log Splitter - Hercules HDS700 Series II

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Product Description

The new Baumr-AG Hercules HDS700 50 Tonne Diesel Log Splittershave landed down under and are already becoming the most demanded engine driven splitters on the Australian market! The 50 Ton Hercules series are the most powerful in the Baumr-AG range, and boasts an array of innovative features that simply make others look outdated.

It will make light work of the toughest Australian hardwood, and turns Gum and Iron Bark into toothpicks at the flick of a lever! The HDS700 is so versatile and easy to use, and will split wood in both horizontal and vertical positions. No need to lift those big logs up onto the splitter! The convenient working table allows working room/storage for multiple timbers, removable 4-Way head splits 4 timbers from one.

Power from the diesel workhorse is transferred via a patented DirectDrive for maximum efficiency, no vibration, and not to mention no need for servicing! This class-leading combination equates to 'SHATTERING' performance, and with premium all-terrain16 inch extra wide rubber you’ll be able to split timber just about anywhere.

You'll also be pleased to know that the HDS700 is the only splitter to offer a Proper Australian (Non US Type) 50mm Trailer Coupling, and quick‐release fold‐away Jockey Wheel with Integrated Dual‐Action Foot activated brake that prevents rolling or pivoting.

While others have a messy tangle of hosing the HDS700 has just two neat genuine Benmar® hoses. These are the ultimate in hydraulichosing and are encapsulated by the HoseGuard™. This exclusive spiral system ensures the hoses keep their shape to prevent interfering with controls and to offering an additional layer of protection, which is crucial when towing.

Particle contamination in the ram is the number one cause of failure for log splitters, and therefore you should be wary of splitters on the market that only have small filters. The HDS700 features anoversized oil filter, which will not only protect your investment, but you’ll be able to pick up a replacement at any Auto Accessory retailer when the time comes.

Make no mistake, Baumr-AG are the industry leaders with unparalleled quality rated to that of splitters retailing for more than $6500 - a bold statement backed up by an extensive 1 Year Warranty!

The Hercules HDS700 is the ultimate - with the ability to split timbers of more than 650mm diameter like butter! When it comes to getting the job done fast, there's nothing like having the best equipment at hand.

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