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Kinderfeets Kinderboard


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Dutch children have grown up with these fascinating boards for generations. Now it's Australia's turn to join the craze.  Perfect for kids with sensory issues that need to move, use under a desk for kids with ADHD to keep movement going without distraction - the options are endless ! You can rock it! Balance on it. Push it. Spin it. Flip it and slide. Sit on it or use it like a foot stool. These sturdy beech wood boards keep energetic children engaged in creative play for hours. Made from skillfully engineered by strong, hard-wearing German Beech Wood.  Available in whitewash Whitewash or Natural .  This board is great for indoor and outdoor play , opens up play for ages 18 months up . (Suitable to 220 kgs!!! ) To ensure maximum movement and flexibility the board has no rubber trim and supports up to 220 kg. The board is approx L :81cm , W : 29.5cm, H 18.5cmThis Kinderboard is a perfect fit for classrooms or homes. Kinderfeets Kinderboards have Australian Toy Safety Standard Certification.  Notes from Shelley : We have used a similar board for both our children for a few years. It was recommended by an Occupational therapist to help with the following below and we use the board most days in some form or another.  Apart from just being an open ended fun play item the Kinderboard will have the following added hidden benefits for children (especially those with sensory or special needs) : Helps Improve Mental FocusTo balance properly, you must learn how to keep your center of gravity aligned over your base of support. Challenging your balance forces the left and right halves of your brain to communicate more, thus improving sensory integration and coordination. If you then move an arm or leg across the mid-line of your body while on the wobble board, you further challenge this neuromuscular communication. By doing slow, controlled balance exercises on boards, you will increase your self-awareness and help train the brain to focus on one thing at a time. Helps Improve Functional StrengthThese kind of boards help develop muscle tone and functional strength.  Functional exercise help your muscles work better in everyday activities. Things like sitting on the mat during classtime , sitting and focusing in your chair at school etc .  No individual muscle functions alone, so exercises should include a variety of movement patterns for the best results. Functional exercises done on a kinderboard challenge multiple muscles and joints to stabilize and adjust themselves. Because your core muscles contract whenever you are in an awkward or unstable position, just standing on a wobble board will develop core strength and improve lower body strength.  you may need to supervise this at first with your children that have coordination or low muscle tone. Helps Improve Proprioception and BalanceProprioception is your ability to sense your environment and adjust the positions of your body accordingly. It is what allows you to hit a tennis ball, hold a weight or stand on one foot, for example.  Kids with special needs such as ADHD , Autism and more tend to need help developing and strengthening their balance and proprioception.  This board allows them to work on this without realizing !!     

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