Lime Tree Kids Lively Living-Ultrasonic 5-in-1 Diffusers- Aroma Orb Vaporiser

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Lively Living-Ultrasonic 5-in-1 Diffusers- Aroma Orb Vaporiser

Lime Tree Kids
Lively Living-Ultrasonic 5-in-1 Diffusers- Aroma Orb Vaporiser

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Lime Tree Kids

Product Description

For a limited time every Aroma Orb vaporiser purchased will receive a free Breathe oil (valued at $21.95).  You do not need to add the oil to your order we will automatically do this for you. While stocks last.Presenting an absolutely stylish and gorgeously eco-friendly line of Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers which offer a unique 5-in-1 functionality that of diffuser, ionizer, humidifier, air purifier and night lamp!Aroma Orb diffusers use high-end, eco-friendly, ultrasonic technologies which makes them super-easy to set up and use.It’s Stylish The sleek and elegant styling and bright and cycle of a series of 7 beautiful colours makes them a delightful addition to your décor. The frosted ridged glass cover  makes the vaporiser a striking feature piece as well. Infuse sweet, pure aromas into your ambience with just the flick of a switch.It’s Unique These one-of-a-kind ultrasonic diffusers-vaporisers offer 8 hours+ continuous mist dispersion and are extremely silent, easy and safe-to-use. The unit can be set on one colour light or even no light. The energy efficient unit remains cool to touch. The unit switches off on low water levels and  has a water load of 200 ml. It is a unique vaporiser that offers 5-in-1 functionality with a stunningly sleek appearance.Unique 5-in-1 Functionality:Aroma Diffuser:The elegant mist, produced by ultrasonic waves, releases the essential oils in their 100% purest form and is easily absorbed.Humidifer: The ultrasonic waves create air moisture to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning. The mositure help to beautify and infuse moisture into the skin without any condensation. Unlike other humidifiers, these ultrasonic vaporisers and diffusers uses small quantities of water and will not create dampness.Air Purifier:The diffuser will release a large number of anions which produce electrostatic reactions with dust and impurities and in turn purify the air, removing allergens, stale air and odours.Ioniser:Through advanced ultrasonic technology, negative ions are dispersed into the air which enhances health & wellbeing.Night Lamp:The Aroma Orb uses a white LED light which changes in light intensity and is fully adjustable and can be switched off as well. Using healthy LED lighting, the Aroma Orb will rotate through a series of 7 relaxing colours, or alternatively can be fixed on one light setting or the light completely switched off, if not required.The light however does promote a calming and relaxed environment and is very mesmerizing to watch!It’s Fun Sleek and modern styling and a lightweight design makes it easy to use in every room!Additional Details: Size 21 cm H x 22 cm W Voltage 24V, Power 12W  Water load 200 ml. Operates at high 2.4 million Htz sec vibrations. Operates up to 8+ hours continuous mist mode.   All diffusers carry a 12-month Australian warranty, but please read and follow the enclosed instructions booklet. The Aroma Bloom, Breeze and Orb Vaporisers cover approximately 25-30sq meter and must be used with 100% Essential Oil. All Vaporisers and Oils on this website may contribute to wellbeing and health and they do not replace professional medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional. Frequently Asked Questions:Why are Ultrasonic Diffusers the best delivery system to diffuse essential oils?With the flick of a button, you can instantly fill your home, office or spa, with the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Your home will smell beautiful, and your overall wellbeing will be improved by breathing the essential oils via the fine mist. You no longer have to worry about naked flames, or if you turned off the diffuser, as it switches off automatically when the minimal water level is reached.Is it safe to leave the diffuser unattended?Yes, these intelligent, energy-efficent ultrasonic diffuser does not use any form of heat, candle or naked flame, so it is even safe around children, the elderly and pets.The dif

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